$386,000 judgment awarded to man who lost testicle

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut man who sued a hospital after losing a testicle following vasectomy surgery has been awarded $386,000 by a judge.

According to court records reported by the Hartford Courant  the 42-year-old man underwent the procedure at the UConn Health Center in 2013.

His lawyer says after three days of intense pain, the man went to another hospital where it was determined the testicle had not been getting enough blood and was necrotic. Doctors surgically removed it.

The judge determined that the original doctor had injured the testicular artery during surgery.

The judgment says that the man still suffers from psychological trauma and has required "extensive therapy."

UConn Health Center said in a statement that while it feels sympathy for the patient, it denies responsibility and is considering an appeal.