28-year-old man arrested for unprovoked subway slashings

Kemal Rideout, 28, is facing three counts of 1st-degree assault for a string of unprovoked subway slashings over the weekend.

Police said on Sunday afternoon, Rideout slashed two women on the leg inside the subway station at 86th and Lexington Ave.

Police added that he then rode the train south to the Brooklyn Bridge stop and slashed a third woman on her leg.


Suspect arrested after victim of 2022 NYC subway stabbing killed in Union Square attack

Police found a 32-year-old man with stab wounds to his torso. The victim was identified as Tavon Silver, who was the victim of another subway stabbing just last year.

During Tuesday's briefing, officials said NYPD transit officers were on patrol looking for the suspect, and they found him around 10 a.m. this morning. 

Police also gave more details about Monday's arrest of Claude White in connection with the murder of 32-year-old Tavon Silver. 

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Authorities said Silver died after being stabbed in the chest early Saturday morning following a verbal dispute on board a 4 train at Union Square.

The NYPD said White's arrest Monday morning happened after he was stopped for turnstile jumping at the Lexington Ave/125th Street station.  

He was arrested by the same NYPD transit officers who arrested Rideout.

NYPD Transit Chief Michael Kemper said, "We are not naive. We do not have our heads in the sand. We recognize the work that has to get done, but it's important that the public knows that the NYPD working each and every day for their safety."