23 NYC traffic deaths in February, most since 2008

According to a new report, New York City's streets have gotten more dangerous for pedestrians.

The report, released by advocacy group Transportation Alternatives shows that there have been 42 traffic-related deaths so far in 2022, 58% more than the same period last year. 23 people died in February alone, making it the deadliest February for traffic deaths since 2008.  

2021 saw a total of 273 traffic-related deaths, the most since 2013.

In addition, more red-light violations were recorded in 2021 than any year since 2014, according to a report released by advocacy group Transportation Alternatives.

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Transportation Alternatives is calling for the city to be given home rule, which would allow it to set speed limits in the city, oversee school zone speed cameras and increase the coverage of red-light cameras.

"Today, to install more red-light cameras, set life-saving lower speed limits, or alter the operating hours of New York City’s successful speed safety camera program, the City must go to the State government to beg for permission to save lives," Transportation Alternatives said in their report. "As a result, the City cannot fully react to traffic violence in real-time as conditions change. New Yorkers' safety is at the mercy of the state and time-limited to the months of the year that the state is passing laws."

"Our automated enforcement programs save lives: data shows traffic injuries drop where we install these cameras," Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez said in a statement. "The DOT has proven for years that it can run the largest, most effective automated enforcement program in the nation and we deserve to determine how we keep New Yorkers safe on our streets."