Men's fall fashion trends: Find your look with these ideas

Now that sweater weather is officially here, it is time to refresh your wardrobe by reaching for what's on trend. 

Carl Ayers, a fashion brand strategist and style expert, guided Good Day New York's Christal Young through the season's hottest looks for men. Ayers is the creative director of the Talent Unlimited Group.


"Back to school fashion isn’t just for students. The collegiate look is a big trend for the season," Ayers says. "For the past few seasons, we've seen it on the runways for big brands like Burberry and Louis Vuitton, but the look really exploded earlier this year when Ralph Lauren collaborated with Morehouse College for a collection that highlights HBCU college culture." 

Another option for an athletic aesthetic is a varsity jacket. 

"Privélege creates custom-made wool and leather varsity jackets that will keep you warm while looking cool," Ayers says. "If you prefer daywear over outer wear, Crwth's Billy The Kid cardigan provides a preppy appeal that is appropriate for the classroom or the office. 


Jeans with a jean jacket isn't a no-no anymore. 

"The full denim outfit is a thing, and it's not hard to pull off. The trick is to find denim that is all the same, or similar, in color. Combine your jean pants — Levi's will do — with a denim jacket or shirt and your outfit is complete. For an added flair, try denim overalls instead of pants. You can wear it with a denim shirt under the shoulder straps- look at Lewis Hamilton in his full denim outfit by Kenzo


Add some depth to your selection of sweater this year.

"For a day out with friends or a night on the town, opt for something with texture. The AKNVAS Jules sweater is a standout cable knit that is big and chunky, yet breathable," Ayers says. "Atelier Cillian is a brand you go to when you want to make a statement."


Men shouldn't avoid pink, Ayers says, adding that pink used to be associated with baby boys.

"We can reclaim our right to pink and wear it boldly — or subtly," Ayers says. "From Valentino to Tom Ford, pink is a manly force to be reckoned with. And don't think you have to rock pink from head to toe. A little pink goes a long way." 

Here are some suggestions: A pink hoodie or sweater with blue jeans, a jacket with pink accents, or a pair of pink socks.

Quilted and Puffy 

"Yes, it's fall. Yes, it's getting cold," Ayers says. "Yes, we can get through it."

How? A puffer coat, which is packed with either down feathers or synthetic technologic materials. 

You can go with black, of course, or show some personality with a bright color like yellow or orange, Ayers says.

Leather and Shearling 

"Whether real or synthetic, leather and shearling are staples for the winter months," Ayers says. "And we are not limited to the natural animal colors of black, brown, and gray — you can now select any hue in the rainbow."

The big looks right now are full leather outfits and fur trims, Ayers says.


"For men's fashion, suits in particular, there's a nod to the 1980s and '90s," Ayers says. "Suits are starting to have bigger shoulders and guys are moving back to the double-breasted option."

N. Peal's 007 collection celebrates the 60th anniversary of the James Bond movie franchise by recreating the classic looks of all six actors who have played 007.

"From cashmere sweaters and jackets, to wool suits and overcoats, you will be as slick and chic as the newest agent from MI6," Ayers says.