106-year-old Philadelphia woman credits longevity to faith, Big Macs

It's not every day that someone celebrates their 106th birthday. 

Dorothy Nedd, a South Philadelphia native, turned 106-year-old on Friday. 

"I feel fine," Dorothy told FOX 29's Marcus Espinoza after being asked how she was feeling on this most special of days.

The great-grandmother of 9 and great-great-grandmother of 1 also says she was looking her best on her birthday.

In a city and world often filled with so much loss, the 106-year-old Dorothy Nedd credits her long life to the man above. 

"Serving the Lord!" said Nedd. 

Beyond crediting faith, she also credited her love for McDonald's Big Mac for her longevity. 

"Grandma always used to take me to church," Zulema Nedd said in remembrance. "And then after church, we would sometimes go to the McDonald's and my grandma got a Big Mac. She was getting Big Mac's for a long time." 

Granddaughter Zulema takes care of her now at her mother's house, not that she needs much to be taken care of, though she admits it's been hard on her grandma during the pandemic. 

"Because our family would come over every Friday until the pandemic happened. We’re no longer doing that, so it’s just FaceTime, and they miss her, but nobody wants to jeopardize her," said Zulema. 

So what does someone who is 106-yearf-ols want for their birthday? 

It's quite simple actually. 

"Sweet living!" said Dorothy Nedd. 

Sweet living is something we can all live with and want. 



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