Colorado puppies wander in snow for 1st time

Some people love winter. Some people hate it. But a group of Golden Mountain Doodle puppies wasn’t sure on which side of the thermometer they stood.

Doodles of Colorado, a breeder, posted footage showing the dogs wandering in several inches of snow for the first time on Oct. 26.

The National Weather Service said more than four inches of snow fell at nearby Grand Junction Regional Airport on Sunday, and snow showers were forecast to continue through Monday morning.

But the winter weather didn’t stop the fight against the wildfires in the state, according to FOX 31 Denver.

Firefighters said the snow helped slow the East Troublesome and Cameron Peak fires. The U.S. Forest Service said Monday the Cameron Peak Fire burned more than 208,000 acres and was 64% contained. The East Troublesome Fire burned 192,000 acres and was 15% contained.

Storyful contributed this report. This story was filed from Los Angeles.