Car checklist to survive winter's wrath

Winter is here and that means time to make sure your car doesn't leave you in the cold.

The experts from Belle Tire offer up these timely reminders:

1.       Pliable compounds and special treads make winter tires ideal for driving in temperatures below 45 degrees.
2.       Check tire pressure.
3.       Check for any bulges or uneven wear.
4.       Check tread depth (use the quarter test) -  if you can see the top of George Washington's head when you place it in the tread grooves, it is time to replace your tires.
5.       Keep the tires with the best tread on the back of the vehicle to prevent things like sliding out when driving in conditions like ice and snow.
Check Your Fluids
1.       Always check your owner's manual on how often you should have your fluids checked.
2.       Checking and changing your oil regularly is very important to your vehicle's overall health.
3.       Fill washer fluid in the winter to make sure things like ice, snow and debris don't block your vision of the road.
4.       Never dilute washer fluid with water as it may freeze in the reservoir.
Check your battery
1.       You can help keep your battery healthy by making sure the top of it is always left free from dirt as it is a conductor and could drain the battery.
Emergency Kit
1.       Pack an emergency kit and keep it in your vehicle to make sure you are prepared for unforeseen occurrences like a stalled vehicle.
2.       The emergency kit should have things like a flashlight with extra batteries, water, jumper cables, a wool blanket and snacks for the kids.