Twitter to pay $150M in data privacy settlement

Twitter has agreed to pay a civil fine of $150 million in a settlement with the federal government that requires the social media giant to do more than just claim to protect the private data of users.

Ukraine-Russia Crisis: Cyberattacks could affect U.S.

If Russia mounts cyberattacks against the United States, the targets could include banks, power plants, water treatment facilities, and communications. Those attacks could also impact GPS for navigation, farming, automation, and oil exploration.

How to update Apple devices to fix a security flaw

Apple has released a critical software patch to fix a security vulnerability that could allow hackers to directly infect iPhones and other Apple devices without any involvement of the owner. Here's how to update various Apple devices.

Unclear why ransomware gang REvil is offline

REvil, the Russia-based criminal syndicate behind a devastating series of recent ransomware attacks, has gone offline. But cybersecurity experts said that it was premature to speculate why.