How to update Apple devices to fix a security flaw

Apple has released a critical software patch to fix a security vulnerability that could allow hackers to directly infect iPhones and other Apple devices without any involvement of the owner. Here's how to update various Apple devices.

Unclear why ransomware gang REvil is offline

REvil, the Russia-based criminal syndicate behind a devastating series of recent ransomware attacks, has gone offline. But cybersecurity experts said that it was premature to speculate why.

CEO: Colonial paid $4.4 million to pipeline hackers, report says

Colonial Pipeline CEO Joseph Blount told the Wall Street Journal he authorized the payment after the May 7 ransomware attack because the company didn't know the extent of the damage and wasn't sure how long it would take to bring the pipeline's systems back.

Pipeline cyberattack prompted NYPD to take precautionary action

As law enforcement agencies at the federal and state level tried to determine exactly what was happening in a cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, the NYPD quickly spread the word through the city's so-called Critical Infrastructure Partners.