Tenafly High School cancels finals due to ransomware attack

Students in Tenafly, New Jersey, have been learning the old-fashioned way since a ransomware attack crippled the school district's computer system last Thursday. Tenafly High School had to cancel final exams.

Teachers have pulled out old overhead projectors and students are using a lot of paper and pencil, according to Superintendent Shauna DeMarco. No one has access to Google Classroom, emails, or other services, which is a huge adjustment for a generation that has grown up on technology. 

The school district immediately shut down the computer system and contacted authorities — including the FBI — after recognizing signs of a ransomware attack, the superintendent said. DeMarco would not say how much money the cyberattackers want or if the school district will pay it. She said the district is "considering and exploring all pathways to become fully operational again."

The district is slowly reestablishing connections and enhancing its security systems.