10 Best Registered Agent Services in 2024


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Are you a business owner in search of a dependable registered agent service? With numerous choices available, it can take time to determine the starting point. 

That’s precisely why we have thoroughly researched and created a comprehensive list of the most exceptional registered agent services available. 

Our recommendations encompass top-tier customer assistance and cutting-edge compliance functionalities. Discover the ideal registered agent that caters to your unique business requirements.

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10 Best Registered Agent Services

To identify the best registered agent services, we conducted a comprehensive assessment of each provider, taking into account various crucial aspects. 

These factors encompassed their proven track record of dependable service delivery, their extensive knowledge in compliance matters, the excellence of their customer support services, and the overall value they offer about cost. 

Furthermore, we also considered supplementary features like privacy protection measures, document management capabilities, and user-friendly online portals. 

We have compiled a ranking list highlighting the best-registered agent services available through meticulous analysis and evaluation of these criteria. This valuable resource will assist you in making an informed decision for your business needs.

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Northwest Registered Agent - Best for Small Businesses

Star Rating: 4/5

Northwest Registered Agent specializes in offering registered agent services to businesses. They also assist with business formation, including LLC and corporation setup. It’s a requirement to have a registered agent in each state where you conduct business. 

With Northwest, the cost for registered agent services is $125 per state per year for one to four states and $100 per state per year for five or more states. Unlike other providers, these fees will not increase after your first year.

Northwest scans state and legal mail locally and stores it in your account for easy access anytime. 

Additionally, they offer the convenience of scanning up to five nonlegal business mail documents yearly at no extra charge. Northwest also sends annual report reminders to ensure compliance with legal obligations so that you can attend all essential filing deadlines.

Northwest ensures privacy by default, meaning they will not sell your company's data. Unlike other agents who sell your business contact information, Northwest protects you from unwanted solicitations for new businesses.

Every new account at Northwest is assigned a dedicated Corporate Guide who provides personalized assistance and helps you navigate complex state regulations. 

You can contact your Guide through email, phone, or an online support form, and they typically respond within two hours. Rest assured that you'll receive the individualized attention you need with Northwest.

Who should use it: Northwest Registered Agent is the top choice for small businesses needing registered agent services.


  • Transparent and fair pricing structure
  • No resale of client data
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Complimentary mail forwarding service


  • Inconsistent turnaround times
  • Additional cost for EIN service

Pricing & Plans

Northwest Registered Agent presents an economical registered agent service for LLC formation services, beginning at just $225 per year. 

This inclusive package encompasses crucial elements like preparing and submitting the Articles of Organization, a thorough name availability examination, and registered agent service for an entire year.

Furthermore, Northwest Registered Agent grants online accessibility to all relevant business documents and free forwarding services for legal and tax-related paperwork. The company also offers compliance alerts and reminders as part of its comprehensive offerings. 

Additionally, a range of supplementary features is available at an extra cost, allowing businesses to easily tailor their LLC establishment experience according to their specific requirements.

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ZenBusiness - Best for New Business

Star Rating: 4.9/5

ZenBusiness is a company that specializes in providing business formation services. They also offer reliable registered agent services to new and existing LLCs and corporations across all states, including the District of Columbia.

As your designated registered agent, ZenBusiness is responsible for receiving important government correspondence, legal documents, tax forms, and service process documents on behalf of your business.

Once these documents reach ZenBusiness, they are promptly scanned and uploaded to your dashboard. 

You will receive notifications from ZenBusiness regarding receiving these documents and any necessary next steps. You can expect to be notified via mail if any matter requires special attention.

Registering with ZenBusiness as your agent costs $99 for the first year and $199 annually afterward. Alternatively, you can bundle their registered agent services with Worry-Free Compliance services for $199 for the first year; this bundle then renews at $398 per year.

ZenBusiness takes care of your annual filing, reminding you about crucial compliance deadlines and keeping track of your status with the state to ensure that you maintain a good standing. 

If you lose your good standing status, ZenBusiness will develop a plan to bring your business back into full compliance and cover any expenses incurred due to an error.

You can contact customer support via chat or phone Monday through Friday and Sunday. Additionally, they offer email support with response times typically within one business day.

Who should use it: ZenBusiness provides diverse legal solutions and is an excellent choice for individuals needing registered agent services and other legal assistance.


  • Affordable initial-year pricing
  • Responsive customer support
  • A diverse range of individual legal services


  • High renewal fees
  • Costly supplementary services
  • Somewhat confusing pricing models

Pricing & Plans

Starter Plan: At $0 per year plus state filing fees, the Starter Plan offers fundamental LLC formation services. This includes a name availability search, preparation, and filing of Articles of Organization, along with registered agent services for the first year.

Pro Plan: Priced at $199 per year, the Pro Plan encompasses all features of the Starter Plan. Additionally, it provides services like an Operating Agreement, EIN registration, and banking resolution.

Premium Plan: At $349 per year, the Premium Plan includes everything from the Pro Plan. It offers expedited filing, compliance monitoring, and a worry-free guarantee.

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Business Rocket - Best for Quick Turnaround Time

Star Rating: 4.3/5

Business Rocket is an expert consultancy firm that specializes in guiding entrepreneurs and businesses through the process of incorporating their companies.

Business Rocket offers services catered to new businesses, including registered agent services. For free, you can appoint Business Rocket as your company's service process agent during the first year. Afterward, this service costs a small fee of $149 per year.

This arrangement gives you the advantage of having Business Rocket act as your Service of Process agent while giving you an initial period free from charges, followed by a reasonable annual fee. They also support legal matters, tax compliance, and business entity registration.

Who Should Use it: Business Rocket strives to offer affordable prices and even provides complimentary consultation services for individuals looking to start their own Limited Liability Company (LLC). 

If you seek a cost-effective and efficient service in its setup process, Business Rocket is the ideal choice.


  • Reliable service
  • Cost-effective options
  • Straightforward business registration process


  • Limited details on customer support
  • Sparse contact options

Pricing & Plans

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Bizee (Previously Incfile) - Best Registered Agent Service for Affordability

Star Rating: 3.8/5

As part of its range of services relating to business formation, Bizee provides registered agent services across the country. Like any registered agent, Bizee will accept significant legal, tax, and regulatory documents on your behalf.

When you select Bizee as your registered agent, you will be given access to a unique online dashboard to view and retrieve your documents easily. 

Furthermore, Bizee will promptly notify you via email and SMS whenever new documents are received and automatically forward any legal correspondence directly to you.

If you decide to incorporate your new business through Bizee, the first year of registered agent services is completely free. Following that initial period, there’s an annual fee of $119.

Bizee offers phone support Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CT for any inquiries or assistance required. 

Alternatively, customer service can be contacted by completing an online Client Support Request form. However, please note that waiting times for support may sometimes be longer than desired.

Although Bizee is not known for being reliable or timely, there have been numerous complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website and customer reviews about document scanning delays. Additionally, their turnaround times for business formation services could be more active.

Who should use it: Entrepreneurs launching a new venture with limited resources will find value in Bizee's complimentary registered agent services for the initial year. This offer is exclusively available to those who incorporate their business through Bizee.


  • User-friendly registered agent dashboard
  • Automatic legal document forwarding
  • First-year free with new incorporation filing


  • Inconsistent filing turnaround times
  • Slow customer support
  • Occasional issues with document scanning prompts

Pricing & Plans

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Inc Authority - Best Registered Agent Service for Startups

Star Rating: 3.5/5

Inc Authority is a popular choice for new businesses seeking legal assistance due to its offer of a free LLC setup, which is an excellent deal in itself. Additionally, Inc Authority provides a full year of complimentary registered agent services.

As your registered agent, Inc Authority handles correspondence from state and government agencies on your behalf. With coverage across all 50 states, you can rely on Inc Authority for all your registered agent needs if your business operates across state borders.

However, it's worth noting that the pricing for the second year of registered agent services needs to be clearly stated. This lack of transparency regarding important details contributes to Inc Authority's slightly lower ranking than other top registered agent service providers.

Customer support is available via phone Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT, with additional support options including email and chat assistance. 

Online customer reviews on platforms like Trustpilot indicate that Inc Authority delivers prompt and attentive customer service.


  • Easy service sign-up
  • First-year free with free LLC sign-up
  • Registered agents are attentive


  • Heavy upsell pitches
  • Lacks pricing transparency for renewals
  • Unclear documentation management process
  • No option to decline registered agent services when setting up an LLC

Who should use it: If you're working with limited funds and require complimentary registered agent services when establishing your LLC without charge, Inc Authority could be the suitable choice.

Pricing & Plans

  • Starter Package: Free + State Fees (Only pay state fees)
  • Starter Business Bundle: $399 + State Fees
  • Business LLC Executive Bundle: $499 + State Fees
  • Tycoon LLC Business Bundle: $799 + State Fees

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Tailor Brands - Best Registered Agent Service for Branding Solutions

Star Rating: 4.3/5

Tailor Brands, a branding company, provides various solutions to assist businesses in building and expanding their brands. 

Their services include a registered agent service, guaranteeing that businesses stay compliant with state regulations. Tailor Brands receives and forwards crucial legal documents like lawsuits, subpoenas, and other correspondence to their clients as part of this service.

What sets Tailor Brands' registered agent service apart is its seamless integration with its brand identity design tools. By utilizing Tailor Brands' branding services, clients can maintain a unified and polished brand image while staying in line with state regulations.

Tailor Brands provides clients a convenient online platform, allowing them to handle their vital paperwork and communication effortlessly. This portal lets clients access and download their documents, update their contact information, and stay informed about crucial deadlines.

One of the advantages of choosing Tailor Brands as a registered agent is its transparent pricing model. They offer a fixed annual fee for their registered agent service, ensuring no surprise costs or additional charges. 

This straightforward approach enables businesses to budget and prepare for their registered agent service requirements effectively.

Who should use it: Tailor Brands' registered agent service offers a perfect solution for businesses searching for a comprehensive package that integrates branding and compliance services into one.


  • Extremely easy for us
  • A one-stop shop that includes everything you need
  • Provides tools focused on branding and building an online presence
  • Offers more customization than some other services, including graphic design and logo-making tools


  • Getting the most out of Tailor Brands requires purchasing the top-tier plan, meaning it might not be the right choice for those who seek cheap registered agent

Pricing & Plans

  • Basic: $9.99/month or $3.99/month if you pay for the year upfront
  • Standard: $19.99/month or $5.99/month if you pay for the year upfront
  • Premium: $49.99/month or $12.99/ month if you pay for the year upfront

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Swyft Filings - Best for Quick Turnaround Time

Star Rating: 4.6/5

Swyft Filings is a trusted provider of registered agent services, ensuring that business owners comply with state regulations effortlessly. 

Their comprehensive offerings include receiving and forwarding crucial legal documents like lawsuits, subpoenas, and client correspondence.

What sets Swyft Filings' registered agent service apart is its affordability. Business owners can benefit from their services at a reasonable annual fee without straining their budget. 

Additionally, they provide discounted rates for multiple years of service upfront, making it an even more cost-effective solution for long-term requirements.

Swyft Filings is renowned for its outstanding customer service. They go above and beyond by providing phone and email support to their clients. Their highly knowledgeable representatives are always ready to assist with any inquiries or concerns that may come up.

In addition, Swyft Filings' website offers an extensive knowledge base and a dedicated section for frequently asked questions. This resource is designed to help clients quickly find answers to any queries regarding the registered agent service.

Who should use it: For business owners seeking a dependable, budget-friendly, and streamlined method to comply with state regulations, Swyft Filings' registered agent service is the perfect solution.


  • Option to pay in installments
  • Fast turnaround times for filing
  • Among the lowest base prices on the market


  • Fees for additional services add up quickly
  • The basic package doesn't cover all formation paperwork
  • Registered agent service and EIN application not included in the base price

Pricing & Plans

Basic Plan: Priced at $49 plus state fees, the Basic Plan covers the preparation and filing of the Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization. It also includes a name availability check and a one-year registered agent service.

Standard Plan: For $149 plus state fees, the Standard Plan incorporates all Basic plan features. Additionally, it offers services such as EIN/Tax ID filing, operating agreement or bylaws, and banking resolution.

Premium Plan: At $299 plus state fees, the Premium Plan encompasses all Standard plan features. Moreover, it includes a business website and domain, a business email and phone number, and a business license report.

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Firstbase - Best for Usability

Star Rating: 4.0/5

Firstbase.io is a company that prioritizes inclusivity and creativity and ensures customer satisfaction. The company boasts a team of dedicated and skilled individuals who work remotely from various locations around the globe.

The company offers an adaptable and supportive work environment for personal growth, learning, and enjoyment. Furthermore, they regularly organize events and activities to promote collaboration and foster community among their staff members.

At Firstbase, their registered agents are committed to assisting anyone in establishing and expanding their US-based business regardless of location. 

They have developed an online platform that streamlines the entire company formation process while maintaining compliance standards. Additionally, they provide 24/7 global customer support to ensure smooth operations.

In addition to these services, Firstbase offers access to banking facilities and payment processing solutions through strategic partnerships with other service providers. 

Furthermore, they assist with payroll management and accounting services by integrating with trusted partners.

Who Should Use it: If excellent customer support and user-friendliness are important to you, then Firstbase is the perfect choice.


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Wide Range of Services
  • Generous Rewards Program
  • Efficient Processing
  • Excellent Customer Support


  • Limited Availability in Certain States
  • Higher Pricing Compared to Some Competitors

Pricing & Plans

Firstbase.io offers comprehensive solutions for your business's incorporation and compliance requirements, focusing on transparent pricing and powerful features.

Let's take a brief look at the essential products and features they provide: 

  • Firstbase Start – $399 one-time fee
  • Firstbase Agent – Starting at $99/year per state
  • Firstbase MailroomStarting at $35/month

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Ranking Methodology for the Best Registered Agent Service

When assessing registered agent services, there are numerous important elements to take into account. These factors encompass:

  • Reliability: Selecting a registered agent hinges on their availability during standard business hours to receive legal documents. The failure to do so may lead to missed deadlines or legal consequences, making reliability a pivotal factor.
  • Compliance Expertise: Registered agents must comprehensively understand legal and regulatory requirements specific to their business. This encompasses knowledge of state filing deadlines and adherence to industry regulations. Optimal registered agent services boast a team of compliance experts to assist with staying compliant.
  • Customer Support: Efficient customer support is paramount in registered agent services. Quick and effective communication is essential for addressing queries or concerns. Leading registered agent services prioritize responsive and knowledgeable customer support.
  • Value for the Price: The pricing landscape for registered agent services varies significantly. Striking a balance between quality and affordability is crucial. Opt for a provider that offers a fair combination, ensuring you neither overpay for unnecessary services nor compromise on essential features.
  • Additional Features: Some registered agent services go beyond the basics, providing other features for enhanced convenience.

Examples include document management tools for secure online storage of legal documents and privacy protection services to safeguard personal information. Consider these extra features when making your choice.

We've identified the top providers in the registered agent services market by applying these criteria. We recommend incorporating these factors into your decision-making process to secure the best possible service for your business.

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Best Registered Agent Service – Buyer’s Guide

What Is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent, also referred to as a statutory agent, resident agent, or agent for service of process, is an individual or company designated to receive official mail and service of process on behalf of your business. 

When forming a business entity such as an LLC, corporation, or nonprofit in any state, appointing a registered agent and including their information in the formation documents is mandatory. 

These documents are typically "articles of organization" or "articles of incorporation" and must be filed with the state. It's important to note that once filed, the information becomes part of public records accessible by anyone.

Who Can Be a Registered Agent?

The criteria for becoming a registered agent are pretty straightforward. Firstly, the registered agent must reside in the state where your company is registered. 

Secondly, they must have a physical address to receive official documents; using a P.O. mailbox is prohibited. Although these requirements may seem uncomplicated, carefully considering the person you choose as your registered agent is crucial.

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5 Reasons You Might Need to Use a Registered Agent Service

If you're undecided on whether to serve as your registered agent or enlist the help of a third-party service, take into account these crucial factors:

  • Legal Compliance: Adhering to state regulations, most states mandate businesses to appoint a registered agent for the service of process. This entails having a designated entity or individual to accept legal documents like lawsuits and subpoenas. Non-compliance may result in legal repercussions for your business.
  • Privacy: For small businesses operated from home, using your home address as the business address may be better. A registered agent service can furnish a professional business address, allowing you to maintain privacy and separate personal and business addresses. 
  • Availability: Ensuring a continuous presence during business hours, a registered agent service guarantees someone is always available to receive crucial documents. This is especially valuable for small businesses where constant availability to receive mail or packages may take a lot of work.
  • Convenience: A registered agent service streamlines the process by forwarding all legal documents and important correspondence to your business address or email. This saves time and eliminates unnecessary hassle associated with document handling.
  • Credibility: Opting for a registered agent service can enhance your business's credibility. It signifies a commitment to complying with state laws and safeguarding your business interests, showcasing seriousness and professionalism.

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What Can Happen If You Don’t Have a Registered Agent?

When registering an LLC, it’s mandatory to designate a registered agent. Please do so to avoid exposing the company to various risks. 

With a registered agent, the company may receive legal summons promptly, leading to default judgments, loss of good standing, and potential fines and penalties.

The state's annual report may also be sent to the registered agent. If the company is not updated with its filings, it may miss important information and lose its good standing. 

Non-compliance with statutory requirements can result in administrative dissolution of the company, leaving owners liable for debts owed to business creditors.

Therefore, maintaining an active and reliable registered agent is crucial for ensuring that all legal obligations are met and protecting the company's and its owners' interests from potentially detrimental consequences.

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Best Registered Agent Service – Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are our most frequently asked questions to answer your further queries.

What Does a Registered Agent Do?

A registered agent refers to an individual you appoint to receive particular documents on your behalf, typically legal, state, regulatory, or tax. 

Afterward, the agent provides these documents to you by scanning and uploading them onto an online platform or forwarding them to your designated address. 

The registered agent may contact you via phone or text if you receive urgent messages like court-related documents or impending deadline notifications.

Can I Use Myself as a Registered Agent?

Indeed, you can serve as a registered agent for your company. To do this, it’s crucial to possess a physical address that can be used for communication on behalf of your business because most states do not permit the use of P.O. boxes for registered agents.

Is a Registered Agent Really Necessary?

Certainly! In all states of the United States, LLCs, partnerships, and corporations must designate a registered agent or maintain a registered office. 

The specific title for these agents may differ depending on the state and can be referred to as resident agents, agents for service of process, or statutory agents.

Bottom Line on Best Registered Agent Service

Selecting the appropriate registered agent service can significantly impact your business. 

The correct provider will assist you in meeting legal and regulatory obligations and providing valuable customer support. By choosing wisely, you can avoid expensive errors and control your responsibilities.

After a thorough assessment, we identified the finest registered agent services, each with distinct advantages and characteristics. 

We suggest scrutinizing our top suggestion Northwest Registered Agent and evaluating how it aligns with your business requirements before deciding which registered agent service is most suitable for you.

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This content was provided by our sponsor, General Fanager. The FOX editorial team was not involved in the creation of this content.