The making of a World Citizen with Kelsey Adams & Fitz Henley

Something little different on the pod today. Usually, I chat with moms or experts that have already walked the road I’m embarking on..

A chance for me to learn from them. Today a bit of a turn of the tables. A chance to hang with the cool kids!

You may know FTIZ HENLEY from his IG account:   fitztheworldcitizen or maybe you know him as FOX 5’s resident travel and adventure expert.

Today I introduce you to Fitz Henley the soon to be dad! He and his ridiculously gorgeous girlfriend Kelsey Adams aka koolkelsey are expecting!

Kelsey is no social slouch she is a style and travel model and adventure seeker.  We talk about gods plan home births parenting in the digital age and the importance of raising a world citizen.