Food Allergies

Parents, I’m going to ask you to think about your kids and their school classroom...or weekly playgroup.
In the midst of the bright-happy faces-lies an alarming statistic that’s growing year after year.
1-in 13 kids, by some estimates, suffers from food allergies.

Nearly half of that population-has more than one.

That’s 5.6 million kids in the US. My kid is one of them.  Along with my husband, they contribute to an overall stat of 32 million Americans suffering from food allergies.

Year after year-the numbers tick up. ESP for peanuts.

In this episode we’re looking to debunk the myths, arm you with info and clue you into some of the really exciting things happening at the FDA to desensitize kids.

Joining me is Dr. Rob Sporter from ENT Allergy & Associates.