Young wrestler with no legs inspires others

Miguel Rodriguez and Isiah Bird met for the first time three years ago. Bird just moved from Florida to Long Beach, Long Island, and was off to a new school. Rodriguez, a teacher's assistant, got a request from his boss. "My boss asked me if I could take a walk with him. He wanted to introduce me to a young man who just moved into town," said Rodriguez. "It was love at first sight, I fell in love with him right way. I told my boss, I want him."

Isiah was born with no legs. Rodriguez was assigned to be the boy's one-on-one aide. They were together all the time and have been ever since. Rodriguez learned Bird's mother needed help. "I said mom I want to help. Not with school, I want to help you give Isiah a better life," said Rodriguez. [SEE: PHOTO GALLERY]

A year after moving to New York, Bird moved in with Rodriguez, his son, and girlfriend. When Bird was asked if he likes living with his coach he said: "He protects me like a child."

Rodriguez, a wrestling coach, decided Bird should join on the team. "If I want him to feel as normal as can be I needed him to join a team because that's where you meet those friends who are going to experience everything with you," Rodriguez said.

With no legs, Bird has a different style. It's proving to be a success. Bird placed 6th in the national wrestling championships last year.

"He never looks down at himself and says I'm missing my legs, he never complains about he has no legs," said Rodriguez.

Bird went on to say: "When I got into wrestling it taught me all I can do with no legs."

Who is his best friend? "My best friend is Coach," he said.

"He came into our life to teach us a lesson and for us to get ready to help other kids out there to make the world a better place," Rodriguez said.