Young New Yorkers learn computer skills

Some teens are happy spending their summer in the classroom. A program is turning them into computer technicians. "You can save children's lives and reduce homelessness with technology" is the motto of Techie Youth, an organization that provides hands-on training in the IT field to young people.   

70 students pack an office in Bushwick, Brooklyn, each day to reassemble computers and learning other IT skills. While some are in high school and college majority are not.

Techie Youth founder Eric David Benari said all the students are considered vulnerable youth by the city, such as foster youth, juvenile criminal justice, homeless, and more.

Jhshan Gilgeours, 17, is on probation for 5 years after committing a robbery back in December 2013. His passion is computers. He is a computer technician and says taking classes at Techie Youth has helped him stay out of trouble and at the same time craft his skill.

Techie Youth is one of the 10,000 work sites citywide that have partnered with the New York City Summer Youth Employment Program, which has been around since 1963, giving the youth an opportunity to work while gaining real life experience.

Some of the students will graduate next week, and that means that they are ready for an entry-level job in the IT industry.