Young brothers' pizza twirling talents

Five years ago brothers Michael Testa, 12, and Nicholas Testa, 10, started going to work with their dad to allow mom to care for their colicky baby sister. Carmine Testa has owned and operated Carmine's pizza factory in downtown Jersey City for 17 years. To occupy his sons at the restaurant, he gave them a couple of rubber practice doughs.

And soon the Testa boys had taught themselves to toss, spin, and maneuver their doughs well enough to attract a small following on the Internet and earn a cameo on Good Day New York.

Rules forbid Michael from competing until he turns 18. But when he and Nicholas do debut on the dough-throwing circuit, they'll likely do so with more fanfare than any rookie doughboy or girl in pizza history.

A couple of weeks ago, Carmine uploaded to Facebook a 30-second clip of his sons in front of the counter at the restaurant flinging around practice dough.

At last check that video had received 15.5 million views and counting, sending these personal-pizza-sized Harlem Globetrotters of dough-slinging barnstorming to various TV shows around the country.

After dark on the first Friday in March found the Testa boys at work with their dad practicing the art of spinning and tossing and catching a twirling rubber disc striving to master a routine in preparation for the next television appearance and someday the World Pizza Games.