Yelp complaint about bodega cat draws ire

Bodega cats are illegal but just about every shop owner in New York City has at least one. But now there is a push to legitimize those cats. A petition wants to change the law. The movement to defend the bodega cat was started by a controversial Yelp review.

Star has been the star of the SK Deli Market in the East Village for a while now. For the most part she just hangs out and blends in and doesn't bother anyone.

No one really complained about Star until last month when a customer known only as Diana D. gave the deli -- and Star -- one star on Yelp. "besides being allergic to cats, I wonder what the health code says about this?" she wrote.

What Diana should have known is the internet loves cats. Shall we talk about the Instagram account with 79,000 followers solely devoted to bodega cats of Instagram?

So it didn't take long for the claws to come out and soon everyone was pouncing on the disgruntled Yelper.

"How miserable of a person do you have to be to leave Yelp reviews of bodegas complaining about bodega cats," one person tweeted.

A petition for Mayor Bill de Blasio to legalize cats in bodegas was launched after the feline fiasco and has 659 signatures and counting.