Wyckoff House: New York City's oldest surviving building

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You don't get more classic New York than the city's oldest building. Surrounded by modern businesses, the Wyckoff House was built in 1652 in what is now the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn. The house is named after Pieter Wyckoff who came to New York from Europe when he was 12. At the time the home was surrounded by farms.

When the house was built, it was just one room. Pieter's grandson built the first addition in 1730. A room was added in 1750. It was used mainly as a parlor or meeting room.  The house now includes 6 rooms, 3 fireplaces, an attic and cellar.

The home was the first to be designated a landmark in New York City. In 1982 it opened as a museum, and today uses neighborhood youth to help manage the property and work in the garden. Schoolchildren visit in droves now; approximately 10,000 a year.

The Wyckoff surname is unique, so much so that the vast majority of American and Canadian Wyckoffs can trace their lineage to one of Pieter and Grietje's 11 children.

Wyckoff House Museum

5816 Clarendon Road

Brooklyn, NY 11203