WWII Veteran gets a new friend thanks to Cobb County program

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It was a match made in heaven for a World War II veterans and a little puppy. Paul Pitts got the 3-pound terrier free of charge through a program called Superior Pets for Patriotic Vets. The Cobb County program matches military veterans with animals from the shelter. 

Mr. Pitts was in the U.S. Army for three years. The 96-year-old Austell resident served in World War II.

"I went from Oakland, California to New Guinea, spent 14 months in the jungle, then to the Phillippines stayed there when they dropped the atomic bomb," said Pitts.

Cobb County Commissioner JoAnn Birrell started the program as a way to thank those who have served our country, and in some cases to help ease the emotional trauma some veterans suffer. 

"Dogs and cats are good for veterans with PTSD and different issues after they've served our country," said Commissioner Birrell.

This match was extra special for Birrell. Her father was also a World War II veteran.  

"It's just an honor to have a World War II vet that's still with us to come out today and adopt a dog," said Commissioner Birrell. 

Mr. Pitts and his wife were all smiles as they took Scuffy home in a little basket. 

"I think he's a cute little fellow," said Dora PItts. 

"She's always wanted a puppy and finally I made up my mind to get her one," said Mr. Pitts.

The program gets its name, in part, due to Superior Plumbing donating enough money to cover the cost of 50 adoptions for veterans.