Worms, crickets on subway was "social experiment"

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A woman seen on video dropping hundreds of crickets and worms inside a packed subway train last week was conducting a "social experiment."

Self-proclaimed performance artist Zaida Pugh says she wanted to draw attention to the plight of the homeless and how quickly people are to record videos of scary incidents instead of helping.  

Pugh is seen crying, screaming and scratching her head.

Fellow straphangers tried to calm Pugh down believing she was mentally ill. One man told her whomever had pushed her causing 600 crickets and worms to drop was sorry. 

“I am sorry about how it did escalate. It wasn’t supposed to get wild as it did with someone pulling the emergency break,” said Pugh.

Instagram user Eddie Going captioned the video:

"Live crickets and worms on the D train. This woman was bumped into / pushed while trying to sell live worms and crickets on the D train. Sadly, they all got out. 😳😱😳 #GoingWithEddie"