World's first three-parent baby born: report

A woman from Jordan has reportedly given birth in Mexico to the world's first three-parent baby.

According to, a medical team from the United States conducted a spindle nuclear transfer in Mexico where there are no legal restrictions to the procedure.

The mother had already lost two children to the same neurological disorder known as Leigh's syndrome.

The healthy boy was born in April.

Spindle nuclear transfer involves taking eggs from a mother with damaged mitochondria and eggs from a donor with healthy mitochondria.

The nucleus from the mother's egg is removed and saved while the donor's egg's nucleus is discarded.

The mother's nucleus is inserted in the donor's egg with the healthy mitochondria. The egg is then be fertilized by the father's sperm. That means the baby has DNA from three people: The birth mother, the egg donor, and the father.

The DailyMail spoke with Dr. John Zhang, who led the medical team from New York City's New Hope Fertility Center.

"This is a milestone technique," Dr. Zhang told the British news website.