World's first A.I. news anchor debuts in China

The world's first artificial intelligence news anchor made its debut during the World Internet Conference in China.

In a tweet announcing the start of a new era in broadcast news, Xinhua News Agency wrote: 'Xinhua's first English #AI anchor makes debut at the World Internet Conference that opens in Wuzhen, China Wednesday."

The tweet is accompanied with a video clip of the anchor who looks and sounds very human-like.

"Hello everyone. I am an English Artificial Intelligence Anchor.  This is my very first day in Xinhua News Agency. My voice and appearance are modeled on Zhang Zhao, a real news anchor with Xinhua. The development of the media industry calls for continuous innovation and deep integration with the advanced international technologies. I will work tirelessly to keep you informed as texts will be typed into my system uninterrupted. I look forward to bringing you brand new news experiences."

Xinhua developed the A.I. broadcaster in partnership with search engine

Follow up tweets from the A.I. broadcaster that China has planned to launch its first Mars probe and execute its first Mars exploration operation in 2020.

As artificial intelligence is further developed, the A.I. newscaster is expected to sound and look more human-like.