World Citizen: London, part 1

London is one of the most visited cities in the world. It is a place where history meets modern decadence. Just ahead of the busy summer travel season, I went on a unique tour of the capital of the United Kingdom.

Few cities in the world are like New York. London is one of them. But this old city is undergoing a few changes. Recent events on the political landscape have altered a great many people's perception of a globally progressive world and what that means to them.

London, having seemingly embraced this global mentality while the rest of England has voted otherwise, challenges the notion of what "traditional culture" looks like as it collides with immigration, arts, and a renovated look. I found out about the lot. He spoke with a native Londoner about what he has experienced in a neighborhood that has seen the best and worst of times. Jack the Ripper used the back alleys of Spitalfields to do his dastardly deeds in the dark of the London nights.

Remaining in the east of the city, Fitz found a bustling chocolate eatery and chopped it up with a sweet conversation with the African and Jamaican owners on an East End Cocoa House named Dark Sugars. They talked about the origins of fine European chocolate and the realities of where it actually comes from. Fitz gets the tour of the place while tasting some of the creations.