Work space and mentoring for veterans

Adam Neumann is co-founder and CEO of the shared work space company WeWork. He is also a veteran of the Israeli army.

"Growing up in Israel and serving in the army, I know how difficult it is to move from army to civilian life," he said.

Neumann met with U.S. veterans at a WeWork space in Midtown Manhattan as he launched the new Veterans in Residence program, which provides sponsored work space and networking opportunities for veterans in 10 different cities, including New York.

"You're going to get not just free space -- you're going to get support, and you're going to get mentorship, and access to our members," Neumann said. "If you're a veteran and you have a business idea, you want to launch a business, you want to scale a business, you want to incubate a business, we're there for you."

The program helps veterans transition into the work force and launch their own businesses after serving for our country.

Among those veterans is Trevor Shirk, who served in Afghanistan. Trevor is part of the Veterans in Residence pilot program in Denver, where he founded his digital marketing company called Strattex Solutions.

Kerrie Gill was in the Air National Guard and was deployed in northern Africa. Her experience overseas is what led to the idea for her company, Savanna Sandals, which sells flip-flops made from recycled tires.

If you're a veteran and interested in this program, you can apply for a sponsored workspace at