Women train to become prospective firefighters

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While the FDNY has around 10,500 male firefighters, it has only 52 female firefighters and most of them have been through a class at New York Sports Clubs. Prospective firefighters are training hard as the department grows its female presence. Taught by a NYSC trainer along with members of the NYPD and FDNY, the Bravest and Finest workout is preparing women to be first responders.

Whether they're getting ready for their exam to qualify for the FDNY or preparing for training in the Fire Academy once they've passed their exams, this free class is getting women firehouse ready. And it's not just about the muscle. It's about teamwork.

NYSC has had a strong relationship with the FDNY since 2003. Beyond the class, the company is encouraging all of the city's first responders to stay fit and ready for action.

And with female firefighter role models involved in this program the FDNY is changing the profile of the typical firefighter.