Woman uses Tinder to prank men in Hunger Games-style competition

A woman used Tinder to prank more than 100 men into showing up for a date that turned out to be a "Hunger Games"-style competition.

Natasha Aponte reportedly invited dozens of Tinder contacts to meet her in Manhattan's Union Square on Sunday for what they thought was a one-on-one date.

Instead, a woman who said she was Natasha told them they had to compete for a date with her. She disqualified the men who were under 5 foot 10 and those named Jimmy, a name she dislikes. Then she asked the remaining contestants to perform push-ups and footraces.

Aponte said the reason she invited the men to compete was because “dating apps are very difficult.”

"‘OK, how do I solve this problem?’ Maybe I can bring everyone here in person and solve this once and for all,” said Aponte.

The stunt reportedly was videotaped by Rob Bliss, the man who shot a widely watched catcalling video in 2014. According to published reports, Bliss plans to release the video on Thursday.

Video of the scene in Union Square was posted to social media by David Pepe. "Walking around Union Square today and this woman scammed a bunch of dudes on dating apps to basically have them do “Flavor for Love”. Enjoy internet"

"I like to go to the gym and I need someone who is also really fit. I want to go to Central Park and enjoy the park," said Aponte.



One of the men who claims he was pranked by Aponte took to twitter to tell his story. His lengthy thread went viral.