Woman lived with mother's dead body for months

A North Carolina woman was arrested after authorities found she had been living for months with her 93-year-old mother’s decomposing body because she was "curious" about the stages of death.

Donna Sue Hudgins, 69, of Enfield, reported her mother’s death to a funeral home, but said she didn’t know where first responders had taken the body. But when the funeral home couldn't find the body of Nellie May Hudgins either, they called police.

Police Chief Tyree Davis wrote on Facebook that officers went to Hudgins’ home to conduct a welfare check and found Nellie May Hudgins’ "badly decomposed body."

An investigation revealed the body had been in the home for several months before Hudgins’ told family members about their mother’s death, Davis wrote.

Hudgins was arrested and issued a $5,000 bond and faces felony concealment of death charges.  She is due back in court on November 7.  It was unclear if she had a lawyer.