Woman in labor on George Washington Bridge

On January 19th Jordan Harris Goldfarb came bursting into this world on his own terms, on the George Washington Bridge.

"We are on the bridge," Allison Goldfarb said.  "We are on the bridge in between two states and Jordan is literally coming out."

Allison Goldfarb was one week from her due date with her second child when she felt contractions at her home in North Caldwell, New Jersey. She and her husband, Blake, jumped in the car and headed to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan where she was set to deliver.

But the baby had a plan of his own. Allison could already feel his head popping out while they were on the bridge.

"I was literally driving about 100 miles an hour and Allison was screaming at me 'You need to drive faster!'," Blake Goldfarb said.  "Last words I remember hearing from EMS is 'you need to pull over and deliver the baby'."

As soon as they got off the bridge, they pulled over in Washington Heights and Blake ran around to the passenger side of the car.

"At that point, I think human instincts kind of clicked and they were just like you need to deliver this baby so I gently grabbed him and brought him out extremely slowly," Blake Goldfarb said.

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To their relief, Jordan was born healthy and big sister Liv has been watching over him ever since.

On Jordan's birth certificate, "front car seat" is listed as the place of birth.

Both parents were COVID-positive the night Jordan was born. Blake had been told prior that he would not be allowed inside the delivery room for the birth of his son. Instead, Blake was the "delivery room".

As for Jordan, he let it be known from day one that he’s tough and brave – just like his namesake. 

"Jordan is named after my baby brother Josh who passed away from leukemia when he was three years old," Allison Goldfard said.  "So we named Jordan, Jordan Harris Goldfarb, after my brother Joshua Harrison Kahan."