Woman finds living frog in salad, keeps it as a pet

(INSIDE EDITION) A California woman received more than she bargained for when she found a living frog in her salad.

Becky Garfinkel said she went to a Corona Target on Wednesday and purchased an organic baby spring mix salad by Taylor Farms, but it wasn’t until later that day when she was eating her salad that she noticed something was amiss.

“I'm halfway through my salad and as I'm going to stab another bit, I see [the frog] peeking out from under the salad,” Garfinkel told InsideEdition.com. “I jumped back. I screamed, “There's a frog in my salad!"

Garfinkel, who is a strict vegetarian due to meat allergies, said she immediately began throwing up in the bathroom.

“I come out and [my husband] had got [the frog] out of the salad. It had been in the fridge for a couple of hours. It’s barely moving,” Garfinkel said “He presses on his little chest and he started moving.”

In a twist of fate, Garfinkel said she decided she wanted to keep the little amphibian.

Thankfully, the frog, which they named “Lucky,” is doing better after the ordeal.  Garfinkel said she already had an enclosure for her new pet because the couple used to own a lizard.

“I couldn't believe this little, tiny thing has survived all of this,” Garfinkel said. “We're such animal people. We got [the frog] the moss he needed. He has a full set up. He's eating. He's climbing. It doesn't seem like he went through something so shocking.”

Garfinkel contacted Target through Facebook after the incident.

"Target is aware and we are working directly with the guest. Additionally, our vendor Taylor Farms has been engaged and in contact with the guest," the company said in a statemet to InsideEdition.com.

Target also reportedly offered Garfinkel a $5 gift card. Garfinkel said Taylor Farms apologized and also said they would investigate.

Although it’s not the usual way of choosing a pet, the couple is happy to have the new addition.

“He's lucky that I didn't eat him. He's so small - just bigger than a dime. It's disgusting... but at the same time he's cute. Let's keep him as a pet... just not in my salad,” Garfinkel said.