Woman decapitated in Mexico after family doesn't pay ransom

A Mexican businesswoman was reportedly decapitated because her family could not afford a ransom of 4 million Mexican pesos.

The headless body of Susana Carrera was found in a parking lot in the coastal city of Coatzacoalcos south of Veracruz. She had been kidnapped a week earlier outside a friend’s house where she had gone to pick up one of her children.

A note was left along with her body that reportedly read:  "This happened to me because my husband played the tough guy and didn’t want to pay my ransom."

The family said they could not collect the money for the ransom, according to the Heraldo de Mexico newspaper. The kidnappers reportedly asked for a ransom  that would equal around $207,000 American dollars.

Hours after her body was found, Carrera’s husband, Luis Manriquez, confirmed her death in a message on social media.

"Thank you very much to everyone for your prayers and wishes for my wife Susana Carrera to return home. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to and she passed away," Luis Manriquez posted.

The couple owneed an aluminum company that had an office in Coatzacoalcos. It’s unclear why the kidnappers targeted Carrera.  Security camera footage showed her captors pulling up to her outside a relatives home where she had gone to pick up one of her children.  They grabbed her and quickly threw her into a car.

There have been no arrests.

Prosecutors are also investigating the lead of a photograph of the remains of the victim.  They believe her photo was taking inside a forensic lab after her body was discovered.

In a release they stated:  "The Attorney General's office will not tolerate situations like this, which constitute a revictimization and a non-compliance with the duty of secretiveness within the research work, so it will be criminal and administratively against the responsible."

Fox News contributed to this report.