Woman accused of leaving paraplegic ex to freeze to death

A Georgia woman has been arrested for allegedly killing of her paraplegic ex-boyfriend, who investigators say she left in the woods to freeze to death.

Troymaine Johnson, 33, was last seen alive March 14, when his ex-girlfriend Ruby Kate Coursey, 27, allegedly picked him up to go for a ride or trip to the store, leaving his wheelchair at home, Upson County Sheriff Dan Kilgore said in a statement.

But instead, Coursey allegedly drove to a hunting campground about 70 miles south of Atlanta, left Johnson next to a camper and drove off, investigators said.

His body was found there three days later, after Coursey’s brother and sister-in-law told Thomaston police she had left him there, The Telegraph reported.

Johnson did not have use of his legs and only had partial use of one arm, making it impossible for him to escape the bitter cold that hit the area.

Records show temperatures at that time had plunged into the mid-20s.

Coursey was charged with murder and neglect of a disabled adult — both felonies — after autopsy reports concluded Johnson was alive when he was left at the camp. His death was ruled a homicide as a result of hypothermia.

"That would have been a very painful way to meet your demise," Kilgore told People magazine.

A motive for the alleged killing remains unclear, officials said.