With new lungs, NJ boy finally plays basketball

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At this time last year, Josh Fernandez could barely walk. But Thursday night -- just months after receiving life changing surgery -- Josh, 12, was king of the basketball court in front of family and friends in Chatham, New Jersey.

This was his first real basketball game. He loves it and always wanted to play but he needed new lungs. In May his family got the call. With the help of 10 first responders who were ready at a minute's notice, he traveled to Philadelphia for a transplant that would save his life.

As young as he is Josh is gone through a lot. he spent his whole life sitting on the sidelines not being able to do the kinds of things other kids his age you get to do all the time. But Thursday night was different.

Surrounded by his teammates, friends and family, even the ones you took him to the hospital that day, Josh played basketball. And this time he did it on his own.

This is only the first step for Josh and a lot of it is thanks to a page set up to help him with his recovery. It's called Breathing New Life for Josh.

By the way, Josh's team won 41 to 24.