WISE honors Fox 5's Tina Cervasio

Women in Sports and Events, or WISE, is a nonprofit organization that empowers women in the sports industry through mentorship and networking events. WISE is honoring Fox 5's Tina Cervasio with the 2018 Women of Inspiration Award.

"I was surprised, obviously very humbled but honored," she said. "The women that have won in previous years have been such a big inspiration to me. "

Tina attended her first luncheon with the NYC Metro Chapter of WISE in 2007 and became a member that day.

"When you see 700 to 900 people in one room, to watch these, that year's Women of the Year, and hear their speeches, and where they've come from, and the people that induct them, and honor them, blew me away," Tina said. "I said I have to be a part of this."

She credits the organization for introducing her to great female leaders from all facets of the sports industry.

"I just watched them, try to model myself by what they did, pick their brains, that's why WISE is so wonderful," Tina said, "because it gives you access to all of these women in sports and events, who are leaders, very accomplished, and are among the top business people, and people in this industry, and in the world."

Fast forward a decade and Tina is now inspiring the next generation. Her advice to young journalists is something she holds herself to.

"You still have to continue to work hard, and also, get better," she said. "Even though I've been in the industry for 20 years, you know there are still goals I've set, I have a long way to go, But I'm not giving up."