Wine in a can growing in popularity

You can now crack open a wine. Yes, it's wine in a can. And the buzz is that it could be the new drink of the summer. Pinot, rose, chardonnay: you name it, they can aluminum can it.

Warehouse Wines and Spirits manager Gabe Schlackman said that when he first saw the cans hit the shelves he thought no one would buy them. But two years later his Manhattan store has seen a flood of young customers looking to can the cork. Schlackman said the cans are easy to open, more convenient, more concealable, and more fun.

Andrew Jones owns Field Recordings Winery in Paso Robles, California. He started canning in 2014 and said that he sold out of his first batch in 4 weeks. Then he tripled production and sold out of that batch in 10 days.

In the last couple years, sales of canned wine have more than doubled. Last year alone, people bought almost $15 million worth of the stuff. For manufacturers, the technology to make it is easier than ever before. So expect dozens of new canned wine brands on the way.

For many brands, each can is equivalent to a full glass of wine and the process is exactly the same as bottling. So raise a can to the start of the summer.