Will Whip Pediatric Cancer campaign go viral?

It's the latest viral fundraising craze. It's called "Whip Pediatric Cancer" and it involves people challenging each other on social media to dance to the song "Watch Me Whip" by Silento. Jordan Belous, 16, of Melville, Long Island, came up with the idea to raise money and awareness while she was a counselor at Sunrise Day Camp, a camp for kids with cancer.

"My campers are three and half and they wanted to whip and nae nae half of the day," she says. "So I put two and two together and I decided to make a campaign, which I hope to go viral."

Jordan launched the campaign last month. Since then it has exploded.

Last year's viral Ice Bucket Challenge raised $100 million for ALS research. Jordan hopes her campaign does the same for pediatric cancer. Donations are pouring in to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: so far, over $7,000.

"My goal was $10,000 but I think we could definitely surpass my goal and find a cure for pediatric cancer," she says.

I'm not a dancer but Jordan showed me how it's done.

If you want to post a video or donate, you can go to Jordan's website: