Wild shootout with masked suspect in Brooklyn

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A man wearing a mask carried out a running gun battle with police in Brownsville, Brooklyn before being killed, police said.

The masked man was walking around Howard Ave. and Dumont Ave. at about 2:30 a.m. when three officers in a patrol car approached him.

The officers tried speaking with him, but he ran off, according to police.  One officer got out of the car and started following him while the other two drove onto Howard Ave.  Police say the man opened fire striking the patrol car numerous times.

The officers and the suspect engaged in gunfire but the man was able to get away.

30 minutes later officers responded to a call about a man trying to break into a backyard on Howard Ave.

The officers became pinned down by the gunfire. Additional officers, including Emergency Service Unit, entered into the backyard area where rounds continued to be fired by the man.

A total of seven officers fired 55 rounds, killing the suspect, according to NYPD Chief of Dept. Terrence Monahan.

The NYPD was continuing an investigation.