Wife sends husband to buy 'cheap' kiddie pool, shows up with giant inflatable instead

In all fairness, he did in fact come home with a pool! 

When Andrea sent her husband to buy a cheap kiddie pool, she was thinking more along the lines of those small plastic pools. But the ambitious father showed up with something grander.

Rather than a modest pool, Tom thought it would be cooler to go with a novelty fire rescue boat pool— complete with a working sprayer! Perhaps they need to redefine 'cheap' because the pool did come from Sam's Club, a retail warehouse owned and operated by Walmart Inc., similar ones sell for under $40.

Andrea tweeted the image and Twitter quickly crowned Tom 'father of the year.'

One person even asked if they'd consider adopting a 51-year-old boy because the pool was that cool! 

In a separate tweet, Andrea did shout-out Tom's efforts by saying: 

“I just... this man's dad game is impeccable, I'll give him that.”

Two things are certain, that kid's summer looks like it's going to be pretty awesome, and maybe Tom won't be making trips to the store anytime soon.