Wi-Fi kiosk vandal strikes 42 times; suspected busted

The NYPD arrested a man suspected of hurling bricks or rocks at dozens of Wi-Fi kiosks in Manhattan in April.

Cops believe Juan Rodriguez, 41, of Manhattan, is responsible for vandalizing as many as 42 LinkNYC stations in the West Village and Chelsea between April 16 and 23. He faces multiple counts of criminal mischief.

Security camera video from April 16 shows a man throw a brick at the screen on a kiosk on 8th Avenue. The shattered glass rains down on the street as the man walks around the terminal.

In some parts of the city, as much as 29% of the population say the WiFi stations are their only high-speed internet connection, according to a spokesperson for LinkNYC.

"When people vandalize Links, they impede on its ability to fund and deliver these services," the spokesperson said in a statement.

More than 1,500 LinkNYC kiosks are installed across the city.