Why you need to unplug from work email after hours

With our smartphones always on, it is almost impossible not to take our work home with us. And that is seriously stressing us out. In fact, a new study found that just the thought of having to deal with work e-mails during personal time can take a toll on our mental health. 

"It can really enhance your stress—they say just even the anticipation that you might have to read a work email can increase your stress, can increase your anxiety, you don't feel you can unplug," Dr. Nava Silton said. "It can impact most the relationship you have with your partner because you have so many cognitive resources—you need to allocate those resources appropriately."

Dr. Silton, a Manhattan psychologist, is putting some responsibility on companies.

"I think it's really important for companies to understand that employees so best work when they feel rejuvenated," she said.

Not all companies will give the green light to that idea. So Silton encourages people to power down their phone for at least two hours a day. During that time, try to relax, perhaps take a walk in the park. And most importantly, spend time with loved ones—not on your phone.