'Why would they pick on me?' - Victim of brutal Harlem beating speaks out

The attack is as violent as it is unforgivable. 

On Tuesday in Harlem, a group of four adults attacked a woman using a walker. After being strangled by one woman, thrown to the ground, another struck the victim with a pan over and over again. A third attacker kicks her in the head repeatedly, while a male attacker also takes shots at the victim who is a 61-year-old woman out by herself.

"I was just walking, then someone came and just punched me," the victim said, speaking to FOX 5 NY. "I didn't do anything, never said nothing... that's something that never happened to me before in my life."

FOX 5 NY is not releasing the victim's name to protect her identity.

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A surveillance video captured the victim walking alone on Frederick Douglass Boulevard and 150th St. when she came upon the group who she said she often sees in the neighborhood, and even says "Hello" to. 

But on Tuesday, the suspects were out for blood, even dragging the victim across the ground to continue the seemingly endless beating. 

But even while being strangled and brutally beaten, the victim fought back using a screwdriver she says she always carries around with her but had never used, until now.

The victim's injuries were so severe, she had to be hospitalized and treated for head trauma which required stitches. The victim also suffers from contusions all over her body including her shoulder and side. Worse, the victim is unable to buy the pain medication she needs right now because her attackers stole her credit cards and cash.  

"I want them to get arrested. I didn't do nothing. Why would they pick on me? I was just going outside," the victim said.

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