Why do dogs tilt their heads? It's not only about getting treats

A new study published in Animal Cognition suggests that dogs tilt their heads as a way to process "relevant, meaningful stimuli."

Researchers who conducted the study observed 40 dogs and the reaction they had when listening to humans requesting they fetch a familiar toy.

The results indicated that only dogs that had learned the name of the objects tilted their heads frequently.

"They are thinking and getting to connect the word to something they already know," said dog trainer Hannah Richter.

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"It’s something I see all the time when I’m training dogs," she said. "It usually happens with the word that they know for my dog it’s the word chicken ..when I say chicken He tilts his head."

Coby, a Pomeranian from New Jersey, demonstrated his skills for FOX 5.  Coby lifted his head when his dad said: "Coby, want dinner?" and "Coby, want to go bye-bye?"

The study also showed that not every breed can learn the name of objects.

The fast learners are labeled as "gifted."

The study also reveals that border collies tilt their heads far more frequently than some other breeds.