Why celebrities love olive oil for skin health

What do Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Sofia Loren all have in common? They all swear by a product that can be found in your kitchen cabinet.

While it's been considered a superfood for thousands of years, olive oil has emerged once again as the ultimate beauty jack-of-all-trades — even the ageless Jennifer Lopez built her new skincare line around the Mediterranean staple.

The key to reaping the benefits of the oil, such as slowing the aging process, is eating it for the beauty that comes from the inside out, according to experts.

"The message here is that eating it is the best way to get it, putting it on topically is fine also," Lisa Cohn of Park Avenue Nutrition said. "The cold-pressed organic is always going to be the best. And that's because it's going to have the highest content of the natural, healthy oils, which are going to give moisture to cells and natural skin texture-its natural buoyancy."

Olive oil is also a healthy fat. It's great for heart health and part of a low-inflammation diet, according to registered dietician Rachel Lustgarten.

"This is important for people who have a real concern on reducing oxidative stress in the body," Lustgarten said. "This has a real connection to aging with the benefit of consuming olive oil slowing down the aging process."

Lustgarden said you should keep in mind that olive oil is very calorie-dense. So just a few tablespoons and you'll be on the right track.