Which MetroCard should you buy?

Kadia Goba is one of countless straphangers left to wonder which MetroCard makes the most sense: weekly, monthly, of pay-as-you-go? She rides the subway between Brooklyn and Manhattan at least three days a week and recently decided on the EasyPayXpress card.

"So I prefer the EasyPayXpress only because it's refillable through your credit card," Goba said. "On Monday morning when I'm running into the train station trying to get to work I don't have to stop at a meter to refill my card because it automatically replenishes."

At the 63rd Street and Lexington Avenue station on the Upper East Side, riders we spoke to had different MetroCard spending habits. 

"I put $40 on at a time because I don't go into the city all that often," said F train rider Mayer Waxman. "I usually work in Queens."

"Monthly card obviously you save money with the prices you have you're better off buying the monthly one," said Victor from Queens.

If you're struggling to figure out what type of MetroCard you should buy, the MTA has a MetroCard fare calculator on its website to help you come up with the best plan. A 30-day unlimited card is only worth it if you swipe your card at least 47 times in the month, according to the website. Also, any time you put more than $5.50 on your card, you get a 5-percent bonus.