Where is spring?

Just ahead of a massive snowstorm, spring arrived Tuesday afternoon. So it is time for mother nature to get with the program.

The first day of spring—ah, it sounds so nice. Sun shining, birds chirping… Well, at least that's what we were all ready for.

In reality, the day was the complete opposite. It felt like the dead of winter. And when the sun went down, even colder.

On top of this cold weather that we are currently experiencing, springing into town on the second day of the new season will be our fourth nor'easter of the month.

As we brace for snow, we're trying to find and grasp at any sign that winter is behind us and the warm weather is around the corner. Like the tree buds around the city, signs of spring aren't fully ready to blossom.

But soon enough, flowers will be in full bloom, sidewalk seating will be plentiful, and then the heat will come, which brings us to this sound piece of advice: "Appreciate the cool weather while we got it because six months from now we're all going to be complaining about the heat."