Westchester County Jail searched after several inmates overdose

After several inmates overdosed on drugs at the Westchester County Jail, County Executive Rob Astorino ordered a lockdown and a search. During the lockdown, authorities found even more drugs. How the drugs got to the inmates in the first place is still unclear.

The lockdown and sweep at the jail took place Monday night after four more inmates overdosed. That brought the number of overdoses to 13 in just the last week. The suspected drug is synthetic marijuana.

So far six inmates are under arrest, all of them among those sickened. All of the inmates hospitalized are back in jail.

Officials suspect the drugs were smuggled in by a visitor during a contact visit with an inmate. All of the overdoses are believed to be connected.

By state law, all inmates awaiting sentencing are allowed contact visits.

Donald Hodges was an inmate actually being released from the jail Tuesday. He told us that all inmates are thoroughly searched after every visit.

A visitor caught bringing in contraband faces felony charges.

Jasmine Smith, who was visiting her husband, says visitors are thoroughly searched. However she thinks drug dogs should also be routinely used throughout the facility.

Every building on the campus will be inspected as officials say their investigation has really just begun.