Wendy Williams holds a town hall on drug addiction

Many lives have been saved at Harlem Hospital, which is why TV superstar Wendy Williams and the Hunter Foundation chose this location to bring a message of hope about the drug epidemic to the community.

CNN anchor and foundation supporter Don Lemon introduced the panel for the town hall, which was called "Battling the K2 and Opioid Epidemic in America." It featured prominent medical experts with valuable information as well as City Council Member Andy King.

Williams brought them together for the special event.

"I think substance abuse is way overlooked. I think that people are still ashamed, it needs to be recognized," she said. "I have a personal family story, me included, and this is about putting together the best of the best."

Williams's goal was to bring vital information to the community. Top names in addiction medicine were on hand to share what they know about the crisis that is taking the lives of four New Yorkers every day and one every 8 minutes in the United States.

The overall message from the panel is that recovery is a real possibility and that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but of strength.