Weight lifter with Down syndrome aims to keep breaking records

Push-ups and dips are just part of the warm up. Steve Gassert, 16, started lifting weights at home four years ago. The sophomore at Deer Park High School on Long Island has Down syndrome. But inside the gym, nothing slows him down.

He competes with non-disabled opponents and holds 30 powerlifting records both national and international. Steve broke two world records at a meet in St. Croix.

His brother Robert is his coach. They work out five days a week for two hours each day.

He is able to bench 280 pounds and deadlift 380! His family is so proud of all of the progress their son has made both physically and emotionally.

Steve is training an international competition next year in Texas. He plans to come in first for his age and weight to be the number one bench presser in the world. And with a track record like his, no one dares to doubt him.