Weak box office performance for Labor Day movies

It may be Labor Day but the entertainment headlines never take a day off....This was the second best summer box office in history but this is the only weekend in 2015 where a single film didn't pass the $10 million mark from Friday to Sunday. 

Historically, Labor Day weekend has not been strong at the box office, so studios don't tend to release big movies now.  But some films over the years have taken advantage of the lull, leading to successful debuts.
This year, though, there really weren't any major releases, and the number one film this weekend is a faith-based christian drama called War Room.  Sony was actually very smart to release the film when there would be fewer big titles competing for audience's attention, and it's certainly paid off.

Speaking of movies...As we all gear up for the November release of the new Bond film Spectre. there are speculations that this could be Daniel Craig's final film as 007.  As you may expect, there are many actors eager to fill the spy's shoes, and there's been a lot of fan support for Idris Elba, who would be the first Black actor to play the role.  Now, another A-lister with a lot of action experience on his resume is throwing his name in the ring...Hugh Jackman!  The actor recently told Australia's The Project “I’d seriously consider it”. so stay tuned.

And Tuesday is the debut of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  Now most of us only know Colbert as the character he played for years on Comedy Central, but in his new role, we can expect to see the real Stephen Colbert.  So, who is that?  What's he like?  So far, a lot of the show has been kept under wraps but they did release the first two weeks of guests, and they speak volumes about about the show, offering a well rounded who's who in the worlds of entertainment, politics, business and beyond. 

Some of the big names?  George Clooney, Vice President Joe Biden, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.  How's that for a mix?  So, from the get go, we can expect a lot of buzz around Colbert's interviews and his show.