Actor David Harbour discusses new Netflix film 'We Have a Ghost'

David Harbour is no stranger to the supernatural after starring in the hit show "Stranger Things" for four seasons.

In his new Netflix film, "We Have a Ghost," Harbour stars as Ernest the ghost. The timid ghost befriends a family that movies into his house, and ends up becoming a social media sensation.

The movie has a great cast including Anthony Mackie, the new Captain America, and Jennifer Coolidge, who is red-hot following her White Lotus renaissance.

FOX 5’s Ryan Kristafer spoke with Harbour on Good Day New York about taking on a non-speaking role:

"It was very scary going in, because a lot of times I rely on lines to convey things that my character needs to reveal, and I didn’t have any of those," Harbour said.

Harbour said he assimilated the story to ET.

"At the center of it was an alien, which my character is," Harbour said. "He’s this ghost that wants to go home. And so I got really fascinated by this idea of otherness. And this family is a very modern family – big into technology. So I wanted to create this guy with the combover and bowling shirt. The whole thing became about how he’s a forgotten generation."

Harbour admits he didn’t believe in paranormal activity until shooting "We Have a Ghost!"

"Shooting this movie in New Orleans… if you go to New Orleans for any significant amount of time, you just will believe in ghosts," Harbour said. "There was a ghost living in the house I was renting when I was down there. And it was terrifying. Doors would slam. Wake up at three in the morning and feel this presence. And I am not a believer – ever in my life. And I full-on have a ghost in my house. So if you’re not a fan of ghosts – stay away from New Orleans."

Trying to conjure Ernest’s spirit, Jennifer Coolidge’s psychic medium character. Harbour reflects on working with the hilarious actress:

"She’s amazing and all the things that you see on talk shows and award shows… all her humor and all oof her strangeness – charming strangeness is genuine," Harbour said. "She’s an incredibly unique person and just a supremely talented actress. And she desperately… really, really wanted me to choke her very seriously in that scene… and I was terrified that I was going to be responsible for killing America’s sweetheart."

Good choice David. 

"We Have a Ghost" premieres Friday on Netflix.