WATCH: A veteran and his family get the keys to a brand new, custon-built smart house

In 2012 Lance Corporal Thomas Caleb Getscher lost both legs and an arm in an IED explosion. The Tunnel to Towers Foundation, which builds "smart homes" for our nation's most catastrophically injured service members, just presented Getscher, his wife, and their daughter with the keys to their new custom house.

Motorized doors, fully automated toilets, temperature and lighting controls, and music that can be played on command throughout the house are all run from an iPad.

Getscher and his family are incredibly grateful.

He told reporters, "there are a lot of good people out there. They did a lot for us. And this is the result. Hard work and dedication built me a house."

Getscher sacrificed so much for his country. Now the Tunnel to Towers Foundation is helping him to regain his independence, and letting him and his family know that they have their full support.