Warm weather means surf's up in NYC

Merry Christmas! Unseasonably warm weather drew two dozen male surfers to New York City's popular Rockaway Beach early Friday.

Locals say the record-setting temperatures make it easier to venture into the Atlantic with thinner-than-usual wetsuits and without hoods.

   Forecasters say ocean temperatures are in the low 50s while outside the temperatures were nearing the 60s by mid-morning. The surfers encountered 5-foot waves between Beach 90 and Beach 88 streets.

   For surfers, the warmth made the Queens waves rival Christmastime destinations such as the tree at Rockefeller Center or the famed Macy's windows.

   Locals Surf School owner Mike Reinhardt says veteran surfers have long braved snow and frigid temperatures this time of year. But he says the latest heat wave encourages even more novice surfers to paddle into the water.